Books & DVDs - Football Long Snapping

Effective Long-Snapping Practice Drills
by Mark Ingram

Paperback & Kindle editions

Offers an invaluable compilation of proven long snapping drills, designed to develop the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in proper long snapping. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, the video explains and demonstrates how to perform each drill. Appropriate for athletes and coaches at all competitive levels. Among the drills and topics covered in the video are: Warm-up routine, over-the-head drill, internal distance snaps, high five drill, snapping for distance, solitary snap drill, laying down drills, medicine ball drills, strengthening exercises, and coaching tips.

The Art of Long Snapping: The Ultimate How-to Guide for Football Coaches and Long Snappers
by Ty Frix

Kindle edition

The Art of Long Snapping is the quintessential book on how to become a successful long snapper. Written by a Ty Frix a former NCAA Division 1 football player turned coach who has collected his keys to long snapping success in this book. The tools Ty offers in his book are what made him a successful long snapper in the competitive SEC conference and are based on lessons passed down from his father, who won an undisputed NCAA National Championship as a long snapper. The book is crafted to guide both coaches and players alike.

Long- And Short- Snapping: A Guide to Increasing Accuracy and Velocity
by Kevin Garvoille


Presents a resource for football coaches who want to enhance the skills and technique of their snappers. The DVD reviews the basic mechanics involved in sound long- and short-snapping. The DVD also details drills, progressions, tips, and weight room-specific exercises that are appropriate for snappers at all competitive levels. Each drill and exercise is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. Among the topics covered: Mechanics, Drills, Short-snaps, Weight-room exercises.