2000 - Present: American Football 21st Century
Timeline of kicking history, milestones, and rule changes

1999-2001 Matt Stover made at least one FG in 38 straight games (most consecutive games) for Baltimore.

1999-2007 Jeff Wilkins was successful on 371 straight PAT attempts (2-way tie for second most consecutive) for St. Louis.

2000 Sebastian Janikowski becomes the fourth (fifth if you count the 1984 supplemental USFL draft) and most recent kicker to be drafted in the first round.

2000 First game ever played on FieldTurf, St. Louis at Seattle (at the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium).

2002 The chop-block technique is illegal on kicking plays; and after a kickoff, the game clock will start when the ball is touched legally in the field of play (previously, the clock started immediately when the ball was kicked).

2002 Jeff Wilkins (St. Louis) was the last kicker to kick barefoot, resurrecting the 80’s fad for the first part of the 2002 season.

2002-2004 Mike Vanderjagt was successful on 42 straight FG attempts (most consecutive) for Indianapolis.

2003 If an onside kick inside the final five minutes of the game does not go 10 yards, goes out of bounds, or is touched illegally, the receiving team will have the option of accepting the penalty and getting the ball immediately (previously, the kicking team was penalized, but had another chance to kick again from five yards back).

2003 Jeff Wilkins scored 163 points (second most in a season) for St. Louis.

2003 Mike Vanderjagt was perfect on all 37 FGs. He scored 157 points (third most in a season) for Indianapolis.

2003 Billy Cundiff made seven FGs (5-way tie for second most in one game) for Dallas vs. NY Giants (OT).

2004 A punt or missed field goal that is untouched by the receiving team is immediately dead once it touches either the end zone or any member of the kicking team in the end zone (previously, a punt or missed field goal that lands in the end zone before being controlled by the kicking team could be picked up by a member of the receiving team and immediately run the other way).

2005 Unnecessary roughness will be called for blocks away from the play on punters or kickers; during field goal and extra point attempts, the defensive team will be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct if it calls consecutive timeouts in an attempt to "ice" the kicker (previously, the second timeout request was only denied by officials, and thus could be used to distract the kickers); if the kicking team commits a penalty, the receiving team can have the option of adding five yards to the return or taking a penalty and forcing the kicking team to re-kick the ball.

2005 The NFL granted a special exception to New Orleans for the year, allowing them to use offset goalposts (two base legs) in addition to the league standard slingshot goalposts (single base leg)… this was necessitated when they had to play some of their home games at LSU following Hurricane Katrina.

2005 Neil Rackers made 40 FGs (second most in a season) for Arizona.

2006 Defensive players cannot line up directly over the long snapper during field goal and extra point attempts.

2006 Matt Bryant made a 62 yard FG (2-way tie for third longest) for Tampa Bay against Philadelphia.

2006 Rob Bironas made a 62 yard FG (2-way tie for third longest) for Tennessee against Indianapolis.

2007 Modified the K-ball usage in a game

2007 Shayne Graham made seven FGs (5-way tie for second most in one game) for Cincinnati against Baltimore.

2007 Rob Bironas made eight FGs (most in one game) for Tennessee against Houston.

2007 Stephen Gostkowski attempted and was successful on all 74 PATs (second most in a season) for New England.

2007 Morten Andersen finishes his NFL career with 2544 points (most ever).

2008 Field goal attempts that bounce off the goal post are now reviewable under instant replay (courtesy of the previous season’s game tying FG by Phil Dawson for Cleveland against Baltimore).

2008 Sebastian Janikowski was short and wide right on a 76 yard FG attempt (longest attempt in documented history) for Oakland.

2008 Jason Hanson made eight 50+ yard FGs (2-way tie for second most in a season) for Detroit.

2011 Sebastian Janikowski made a 63 yard FG (4-way tie for second longest) for Oakland against Denver.

2011 David Akers attempted 52 and made 44 FGs (both most in a season) for San Francisco.

2012 David Akers made a 63 yard FG (4-way tie for second longest) for San Francisco against Green Bay.

2012 Blair Walsh made 35 FGs (tied for most by a rookie in a season) for Minnesota. He made ten 50+ yard FGs (most in a season).

2013 Matt Prater made a 64 yard FG (longest) for Denver against Tennessee.

2013 Matt Prater attempted and was successful on all 75 PATs (most in a season) for Denver.