AFL (Arena Football League)
Excerpts from rules and regulations pertaining to kicking


  • One (1) point for a conversion by place kick after a touchdown, two (2) points for a conversion by drop kick and two (2) points for a successful run or pass after a touchdown.
  • Three (3) points for a field goal by placement or four (4) points for a field goal by drop kick.


  • Kickoffs are from the goal line. Kickers may use a one-inch tee.
  • Punting is illegal. On fourth down, a team may go for a first down, touchdown or field goal.
  • The receiving team may field any kickoff or missed field goal that rebounds off the net.
  • Any untouched kickoff, which is out of bounds, will be placed at the 20-yard line or the place where it went out-of-bounds, whichever is more advantageous to the receiving team.


  • Goal-side rebound nets extend outward from each upright. The nets are 30-feet wide, 32-feet high and extend to 40 feet above the playing surface. The bottom bars of the frames are positioned eight feet above the surface. The "scoring area" is nine-feet wide and 15-feet high.
  • Nets are stretched taut so that a missed kick attempt will rebound off the net and back into the field of play.
  • Once the ball caroms off the net, it's live.