CIFL (Continental Indoor Football League)
Excerpts from rules and regulations pertaining to kicking

Goal Posts

  • Goalpost are 12 feet from the floor to the crossbar.
  • The crossbar is 10 feet in width.
  • Anything used to hang the goal post is considered apart of the upright.


  • 2 points for a pass or run conversion, or dropkick PAT
  • 3 points for a fieldgoal
  • 4 points for a dropkick fieldgoal
  • If a kickoff leaves the field of play on the fly, the ball comes out to the 25-yard line
  • The sideline walls and end zone walls are not out of bounds, and balls can be played off of them
  • If a kickoff leaves the field of play after making contact with the field or a player on either team, the ball comes out to the 5-yard line, or the point in which it leaves the field of play, whichever is closest to the kicking team’s goal line


  • No punting is allowed
  • Offense must attempt to gain a first down or touchdown, or may attempt a field goal.