IFL (Indoor Football League)
Excerpts from rules and regulations pertaining to kicking
Goal Posts
  • 10 ft. wide 18 to 20 ft. tall
  • 10 ft. from ground
  • Conversion Place Kicks are one (1) point
  • Conversion Pass or Run is two (2) points
  • Field Goals are three (3) points
  • Drop Kick Field Goals are four (4) points
  • A Rouge is one (1) point
  • Kickoffs are from the Goal Line
  • Kickers may use a 1” tee
  • Punting is illegal
Drop Kick
  • A dropkick is legal by a player who drops the ball toward the ground and kicks the ball simultaneously with it hitting the ground
  • A team is awarded one point for a rouge if any of the following conditions are met:
    • A rouge may only be scored on free kicks and is scored when a member of Team B (Receiving team) is not able to advance a free kick out of his own endzone, or the player is declared down in
      the endzone
    • A Rouge will be awarded to the kicking team if the receiving team commits a penalty in the receiving team’s endzone and the ball has not been advanced out of the end zone